Why is my NBN slow?

“Why is my NBN slow?” Well let’s find out, following these steps you should be able to identify the problem with your NBN internet connection.

Introduction: The Connections managed by your ISP

There are 3 connections managed by your ISP, where the fault may lie when your NBN is slow.  These 3 connections are noted as Connections A, B & C in the diagram (figure 1) below. The other problem area could be your router’s WiFi (if you are using it), noted as Connection D in the diagram.

Figure 1: Connections managed by your ISP, this is typically how ISPs using the NBN are setup
Figure 1: Connections managed by your ISP.

It is as simple as running 3-4 speed tests on the connections above, to be able to tell where the slowness is stemming from. Which will allow you to identify:

  • If your NBN connection is running to the ISP’s advertised speed, and you just may need to reconsider your plan; or
  • If something is wrong with Connection A, which could be router or cabling issue; or
  • If something is wrong with Connection B – an internal issue between your ISP’s interconnects; or
  • If something is wrong with Connection C – a problem with your ISP’s connection capacity to the Internet; or
  • If something is wrong with your Wifi – Connection D.

Step 1: Know what you are Paying for when it comes to the NBN

What are you paying for?

Before we begin, note what you are actually paying for and who your Service Provider is. For a comparison point, the first piece of information we need to know is the connection speed that you are paying for with your service provider.  This should be listed on your bills, the wording might be slightly different […]

Step 2: Conduct the Speed Tests

How to run a Speed Test with Ookla Speedtest

To run the Speed Tests, we recommend you use the Speedtest tool by Ookla. We use this tool because we find it provides the most consistent results and allows the user to easily select a testing server which is not local to them, (which is required for our tests to narrow down the problem area). […]

Office essentials on the table, laptop, coffee, phone, using the NBN shouldn't be stressful

How you conduct the speed tests, depends on how you are accessing the internet:

Speed Test: for PCs directly Connected to Modem

These steps will take your through the Speed Test for PCs directly Connected to the router.   With the 3 tests below, we are going to test the connections we know are managed by your ISP – shown as connections A, B & C in this diagram: Before you begin, you need to start your […]

Speed Test: for Devices Connected via WiFi

These steps will take you though the Speed Test for Devices connected to the Internet via WiFi. But before we start doing these speed tests, we first need to understand what other technologies can cause interference with your WiFi.  The other big factor to be aware of when doing Internet speed tests from WiFi devices […]

Step 3: Compare the Results of the Speed Tests

Now that you have completed the Speed Tests of the ISP managed connections, you can compare the results to see where the slowness is stemming from.

Comparing the Results

Lets compare the results of your Speed Tests to see where the problem may be. If the results are all within 70-80% of the speed noted on your ISP plan (Some ISPs are stating expected peak time speeds for their plans, this is the 70-80% we are talking about), then that is within acceptable limits. […]

Hope all this helps!

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