Comparing the Results

Lets compare the results of your Speed Tests to see where the problem may be.

If the results are all within 70-80% of the speed noted on your ISP plan (Some ISPs are stating expected peak time speeds for their plans, this is the 70-80% we are talking about), then that is within acceptable limits.

If you find this speed, though within acceptable limits is not suitable for your requirements, then we suggest you look at other faster speed plans. See Understanding NBN Speeds for a description on the different speeds.

If any of the Connections were below 70% of the speed on your ISP plan:

  • Slow Connection A – then there is either something wrong with your Router, or cabling connection from the Router to the pit. It is best to contact your ISP for further investigations and fixes.
  • Slow Connection B – compared with Connection A test results, (but consistent also with a low Connection C result), then the problem is an internal connection issue between your ISP’s interconnects before reaching the outside world. You should contact your ISP and try and get it sorted out.  This wouldn’t just be isolated to your connection (unless you live in a remote location), so it should be in the ISP’s best interest to fix the issue.
  • Slow Connection C – compared with the results of Connection A & B, then your Internet speed problem is with your ISP’s connection capacity to the Internet.  Again this wouldn’t be an isolated case to just your connection, and again something to raise with your ISP to fix.

If you find your ISP are being difficult in either recognising the problem to be fixed, or seem to be unable to fix it, we would suggest seeking a new ISP.

However having said that, if you suspect it is a cabling issue to the pits, most other ISPs rent the cables from Telstra anyway, and changing the ISP may not actually change anything.

If you are unable to change your ISP or perhaps are not wanting to, and they don’t seem to be getting to the bottom of the problem, contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.