Speedtest Examples on PC

How to run Speedtest on a PC.

First go to http://speedtest.net

Change the ISP Server:

Click the words “Change Server”

Choose the correct one from the list:


Click on the server location


Press “GO” to start:

Press the GO button to start the test

Now it starts the download test:

The download test in progress

Then the upload test:

The upload test in progress

Note the results shown at the top:

Write down the results noted in the area we have circled in red

To perform the next test, change the server as directed and press go:

Change the server as directed to and then press go

Now to start your own Speed Test:

Speed Test: for PCs directly Connected to Modem

These steps will take your through the Speed Test for PCs directly Connected to the router.   With the 3 tests below, we are going to test the connections we know are managed by your ISP – shown as connections A, B & C in this diagram: Before you begin, you need to start your […]