Speedtest Examples on Phone/Tablet

Here is how to use the Speedtest App on your phone or tablet.

Click on the Speedtest App Icon on your device:

Change the ISP Server:

Click on blue underlined ISP to change the ISP server, to what you need.

Choose the correct one from the list:

Select the correct ISP & location that you need for the test.


The ISP & location is now the correct one I need.

Press Go to Start:

Press the big GO button.

the linking

Now it starts the download test:

Download speed test.

Then the upload test:

Upload speed test.

Note the results shown at the top:

The results of both the download & upload tests are shown at the top.

Close this test screen to start the next test:

Press the cross to close this results screen go back to the test screen.


Back to the test screen to start the next test.

Now to start your own Speet Test:

Speed Test: for Devices Connected via WiFi

These steps will take you though the Speed Test for Devices connected to the Internet via WiFi. But before we start doing these speed tests, we first need to understand what other technologies can cause interference with your WiFi.  The other big factor to be aware of when doing Internet speed tests from WiFi devices […]

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