Understanding NBN Speeds

Here is a quick walk through of NBN speeds with some idea of what they will cope with:

12Mbps Down, 1Mbps Up

This is really the absolute bare basic speed, and while it’s faster than a good old POTS modem, it’s barely (or sometimes not) faster than an aDSL1 internet connection (The first version of aDSL).  You might be able to stream 1 Netflix/YouTube/Stan video at a time with this connection while also browsing the web a little.  It’s not an ideal connection for a family household with kids who like their tech and gadgets.  Especially if someone wants to watch some video while another person wants to play online games and someone else wants to download some large files.

25Mbps Down, 5Mbps Up

The more moderate plan, this one is slightly more suitable for the busy Internet family, Johnny should be able to play his online games while Mum, Dad and the rest of the kids want to watch a HD movie on Netflix, as well as coping with perusing Facebook on your smartphone for those who can multi-task.

50Mbps Down, 20Mbps Up

Now, this is getting a little more serious, and should be more than enough for the average 4-6 person family, there won’t be any complaining from Johnny or Steve while they both play Battlefield 5 at the same time as Lana and Maggie watch endless YouTube videos and Mum and Dad get some child free time in the media room watching the latest release movie.

100Mbps Down, 40Mbps Up

The plan for those who love their internet and want it NOW.  This is as fast as it gets.  And you really shouldn’t be waiting around long for that 5GB file to download, barely enough time to make a coffee.  None of the family members should notice too much of anything that anyone else is doing on the internet, 4K movies all round!

What does all this mean?

Well, it’s relevant to the speed tests you are about to do.  If all of your speed tests consistently give you results in the 70-80% range of your connection speed. Then your internet connection is operating within acceptable limits.  If you don’t feel that your internet is fast enough, then you need to explore the possibility of upgrading your account to a higher speed plan.

Understanding the Types of NBN Connections

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